Patients who have developed gum disease often need a comprehensive treatment plan to fight the infection and restore oral health. In addition to providing in-office treatments, Dr. Stafford can provide Perio Protect to help patients fight periodontal infection between office visits.

Perio Protect combines deep gum cleaning with the customizable Perio Tray®, which is filled with infection-fighting medication. The pressure created by the internal seal of the tray places the medication directly in the pockets between the teeth and gums, penetrating farther than other non-invasive gum treatments. Our dentist and team take careful measurements of your smile to ensure your tray seals tightly to your smile and does not allow seepage.

Based on your condition, Dr. Stafford will determine how long the Perio Tray must be worn each day. On average, patients wear it for 10-15 minutes 2-3 times per day, and then drop to once a day when the infection is under control. Because gum disease is never fully cured, the Perio Tray must continue to be worn to keep infection at bay. To use the Perio Tray, just add the medication and place the appliance in your mouth.

Perio Protect is often used to prevent the need for oral surgery by controlling periodontal infection. To learn more about Perio Protect in Zillah, Washington, call Stafford Dental Center at 509-314-3008 today.